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MichelleWho am I?

My name is Michelle Langston, and I am a web designer and developer. I work as a Theme Wrangler for Automattic, the company behind I love everything to do with WordPress. I’m also interested in open source content management systems in general, and how such systems can serve as cost-effective alternatives to commercial platforms.

What are my goals?

I’m on a never-ending quest to seek knowledge. I’m continuously striving to bring my personal best to all the work I do, and to constantly improve and learn as much as I can. Everyone has something to teach, and in return, I will gladly share what I have learned with others. So — in sum — my goal is to never stop learning!

Me in Ankara, Turkey, 2009

What are my interests?

When I’m not digging into HTML, CSS and PHP, I’m likely singing in the local community choir or banging around on my keyboard. I love my family and and friends. I love to read, and I love to write even more. Other interests of mine include cats, birds, long walks, warm sunny weather, astronomy, airplanes, traveling and swimming. This year, I want to get into running/jogging and start some sort of training program, such as CrossFit or TRX.

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